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The most important thing on my computer is my pictures. I have most of them backed up on cd but not all. Well my computer went crazy on me and stopped starting up at all. The first place I took my computer (they will be getting their review very soon) told me I had a bad hard drive and it would have to be replaced with a new one and I was going to loose everying :,(
Well I don't even have to say how much I was worried!! LOL
I started calling around and ended up calling and talking to Chad over at g.b. computer solutions. He said he would take a look at no cost and let me know what he found. I received a call later in the day from him and he told me that he had tested the hard drive and the rest of the system and there was nothing wrong with it, but my windows had been corrupted. He was able to back up everything and reinstall windows and all the other programs I brought him! He even helped me set up a back up system :)

Debbie B.

Great rate on my in home service. I called to have my system checked out, it was running really slow, G.B. Computer Solutions came out, found that I had a few nasty viruses, cleaned them out, and even set me up with free anti virus, all for under what Geek Squad wanted to even get in their car! Totally happy, thanks, guys!

Tina S.

Great Service! ! Very good work done by Chad at very reasonable price! Highly Recommended!!

Monal T.

Chad is one of the most reasonable computer repair services in the area. He was not able to fix my laptop because it was an environmental problem happening at my home only. He spent several hours with my computer, and because he could not fix it (bc the problem was not happening at his location) he did not charge me a dime. He spent about 30 minutes giving me ideas on what to do at home to help diagnose and through the process of elimination I was able to solve the problem. He talked to me in a language I could understand and is always very friendly. Thanks Chad, I will ALWAYS refer my friends and family to you!


Thanks for the help! I've had my computers worked on by Chad twice now, and he also came out and networked my three computers for us. He's always been just great, and explains things in a way I can understand which is a big help because I don't speak computer-eese. lol A+++

Tina H.

Call to have my computer checked out becasue is was running really slow, and they were able to get me back up to speed. Now I don't feel like throwing it out the window! lol I highly suggest them to anyone with a computer problem! He came out and looked at it for free and told me exactly what was causing the problems, I had a couple viruses :( and we also upgraded my ram for good measure. Then he went through my programs with me and helped me get some things sorted out and was really nice.

Tom M.

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